Friday, August 1, 2008



Top International Pay to Click!

Hits4Pay is available internationally, in over 190 countries, so it is widely available and you have a huge pool to recruit from. The earning program consists of 3 levels. You will earn 2 cents for each ad you view for 30 seconds, 1 cent for each ad your referrals view, and 1 cent for each ad their referrals view. When you build your downline, your earning potential can be virtually unlimited! Hits4Pay has been online since 1998 and was acquired by Multiple Stream Media, a New York advertising agency, in 2000. That makes Hits4Pay one of the earliest and longest running paid-to-read model websites on the Internet! As you can see below, they conveniently pay via PayPal!

One objection I have heard is that the $25 level is too high! Yes, it is a high limit, but you must take into consideration the high amount paid per view, the multiple referral levels, PLUS, Hits4Pay will start you off with a $10 bonus to help you reach your first payout more quickly (while you build your downline). Just begin to build your downline by posting in your web or blog, using free advertising, email signatures, the Hits4Pay banner, and more! In the below snapshot that covers about 2 weeks, you can see that it is possible for your 1st and 2nd referral levels to exceed your personal clicks!

Hits4Pay is like having a long-term investment or high-yield method of savings in your portfolio. For example, you might join a fast paying program where you earn less per view, but it has a low or no minimum cashout. But, then utilize Hits4Pay as your high-yield pay-to-click program - one where you can build and invest! The lucrative structure of Hits4Pay is designed for this, not for lone clicking! Yes, you can do this all by yourself, but when you bring others on board, you will see the greatest benefit.

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